The Arab cultural heritage in Portugal

3 days tour, with 2 nights of accommodation at an elegant hotel with breakfast included.

Think of Lisbon without the Alfama or the Moorish quarter. Think in Alentejo, without the whitewash on their homes, and an Algarve without chimneys that look like tiny minarets.

The fascination of Islam, felt by the Portuguese, given the sophistication and superiority of the Arab culture compared to the civilizations of the peoples of northern Europe in the High Middle Ages is undeniable. Therefore, since ancient times, the Arabs are connected, in the memory of the Portuguese people, with the wonderful, the beautiful and the exquisite.

In the Middle Ages, the Arabs were the protagonists of the brilliant civilization of the al-Andalus, earth sciences and the arts. That is why Arab legends constitute a significant part of the folklore of the Portuguese. These legends are invariably about love stories between Christians and Muslims.
These social polarities that were respected by the early kings of Portugal, came to be dramatically undermined by the submission of the Portuguese crown to the whims of Castille strategic interests. The inquisition was introduced and the Islam was banned followed by either expulsion or by their forced conversion.
We thus propose a stroll through historic and labyrinthine spots of some of our cities.

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