On land: We propose for a short stay, a visit to one of the most prestigious wineries and cellars for a wine and olive oil tasting, followed by lunch on site.

We then drive to Azeitão where we visit visit one of the most famous production ceners of Moscatel which is internationally known as being superb for digestion. Do not forget to try the delicious tortas Azeitão (a marvelous sponge cake roll with custard and cinnamon).
And because we believe in combining good culinary and musical experiences, we suggest a dinner in the best restaurants and Fado houses in the city. We have some good recommendations that will surely leave you reminiscing about the flavors and soul of Portugal for years to come.

At sea:
To start your day, we recommend a experience of maritime inspiration, by visiting the Oceanarium of Lisbon where you can see the bottom of the sea in all its splendor.
With the theme of the sea, nothing is more appropriate than to have lunch and indulge in the best seafood the city of Lisbon has to offer, in a quaint environment that will please both your palate and delight your senses..
After a good lunch, nothing is more appropriate than a stroll along the river, followed by a boat ride and if the weather conditions allows, you may be gifted with a most amazing sunset.
Finally, mandatory for pisce-philes a dinner of fresh fish with a river view. We have selected some restaurants that we are sure you will find delightful. While we are happy to arrange for reservations at the restaurants of your choice, we believe that our recommendations will enhance your chances of having a delicious dining experience.

This proposal can be adapted to meet your individual needs and expectations. Please contact us for more information.
We would be pleased, to arrange for a private car with a driver during your stay with us here in Portugal

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