Spa For those who need to relax or simply enjoy a day dedicated to wellness, nothing is better than a spa. Our spas offer a range of treatments that allows one to forget the stresses of everyday life.

If you are interested, we propose a 2-night stay at a 5 star hotel where you can enjoy a variety of treatments and a large range of programs that meet the highest standards. Let us know if you're interested so that we can create a more detailed program for you.

This experience could be enhanced by a fascinating tour by Sintra and Cascais, with a lunch in a restaurant by the River with a view that complements the cycle of relaxation and well being.

In the evening, we also suggest a boat ride on the Tagus Estuary. If the weather conditions allowed, you can observe a most beautiful sunset.
Round this day of sybaritic pleasure with dinner at one of the most prestigious Portuguese restaurants. We recommend dinner at a Michelin star restaurant of one with the most promising young Portuguese chefs.

Thermals The Thermal spas are relaxation places per excellence and offer water-based therapies, such as baths, steam and infusions.
From north to south, Portugal has a wide range of thermal spas and we look forward to finding one or more that meet with your approval.
A weekend or 1-week programs will make a difference and will bring more quality and wellness to your life.

This proposal can be adapted to meet your individual needs and expectations. Please contact us for more information.
We would be pleased to arrange a private car with a driver during your stay with us here in Portugal

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