Outside Lisbon: Visit to the Badoca Safari Park: Vila Nova de Santo André waits for you in this fun day which includes a visit to the incomparable Badoca Safari Park.

  • The Badoca Safari Park, currently has about 600 wild animals belonging to 75 species, living in an area of 90 hectares in total freedom. The park stands out for its various recreational and educational facilities, such as the Kangaroos Park, Lake of the Flamingos and ibises, the Park Cotais and the Bird Garden.
  • Visit to Portugal for the little ones
    Portugal for the Little Ones can be defined as "a nation at the same time huge and tiny, a masterpiece of art and taste, Portugal synthesis of architectural and folklore."
    Work of great merit conceived and built by Professor Dr. Bissaya Barreto, with the collaboration of a large figure of Portuguese architecture, Cassiano Branco. It is the precursor of today's theme parks that are dedicated to children. The scale of the construction is tailored to children who learn and discover the history of the country, all while playing. It is the place with the highest number of visitors in the city of Coimbra. The most important Portuguese monuments and traditional houses, inspired by the colonial empire, are also worth visiting.
  • Visit Zoomarine
    Water Park located in Albufeira, with dolphin shows and other animals, with pools, entertainment, artificial beach, to the delight of the children. Open only during the summer.
  • Visit the pedagogical farm
    The educational farm is a non-formal educational space, where you can interact with nature in an informal but instructive fashion.


  • Ride in a Tuk Tuk
    A Tuk Tuk ride is a fun experience and a great way to see the capital. A bustle of dozens of tuk tuk roam the seven hills. We promise that this will be an unforgettable experience in Lisbon.
  • Birdwatching
    We highly recommend observing of native and migratory birds in the Tagus Estuary, fully tailored for children with dynamic and captivating experiences.
  • Visit the Planetarium
    Here children can observe the sky and will learn a lot greatest report about stars and constellations of the universe, the rotation of the earth, moon and how to make a trip through the solar system.
  • Visit the Oceanarium of Lisbon
    The Lisbon Oceanarium has different programs that provide fun and exciting times for the family. If you are interested, we can help organize these activities. They are subject to confirmation upon availability. Other activities: Sleeping with the Sharks - children and families; Concert for Babies; CSI - Science under investigation; Fado Miudinho (activities to be confirmed subject to availability)
  • Visit the Knowledge Pavillion
    Science VIVA project is an opportunity to experience and discover the mysteries of science that is both fun and interesting. The goal is to make the little ones scientist for a day.
  • Visit the Zoo
    The Lisbon Zoo is one of the oldest and finest in Europe. One of the highlights is the open cable car that crosses over the zoo and allows one to see all of the animals from the air, and there is also a fun show of dolphins and sea lions of the seas.

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